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About Us

It was the beginning of 2020, the month of January, when Mirko was tasked with a very challenging request: find the best property management software that would fit the need of the company he was working for back then. He embraced the challenge and started his quest to scout the right fit. The task proved to be since the beginning quite tricky as the market won't offer what he believed a solution should all be about: a great and friendly user experience, a centralised system to manage properties, payments and contacts, and last but not least, a fair simple-to-understand pricing model. His dated experience in the I.T. industry helped him find what he believed represented the best compromise from a cost/benefit point of view. He was left with a bitter taste in his mouth: "if I felt so overwhelmed and confused by this journey, what about people who usually won't be so familiar with Information Technology's intricacies?" he thought. That question gave way to what he felt was like an epiphany: I believe this is the right time to think, design and create something better, which would genuinely help the end consumer. Of course, he couldn't start this new adventure alone, so he thought about Matteo, a dear old friend who has become a well respected seasoned Solution Architect over the years. They met in one of the many coffee shops populating London's vibrant streets and agreed on creating something new: A.D. MMXX; The RoundedTriangle was born. They soon pitched the idea to 2 additional business partners: Emanuele, a senior full-stack developer and Danilo, a lead engineer. A few months after, destiny decided to introduce this idea to a former colleague of Mirko, Pierpaolo, whom he met years before when working on the same project. Pierpaolo didn't immediately understand their solution's potential and, despite his positive feedback, didn't commit to anything with them. It seemed that fate had different plans, though. Indeed, months later, during what appeared to be just a normal feedback conversation, Pierpaolo realised what he had in front was not only a great solution but a massive opportunity. Soon after, Pierpaolo became the fifth member of the family, ready to embrace RoundedTriangle's mission: help property managers make property management a seamless, hassle-free experience. At Rounded Triangle, we believe that technology and design should seamlessly coexist. With everything there is to do in a day, why not make the things that matter most the easiest? We have been working in the industry for over 15 years and experienced what you feel, your successes, and frustration when technology isn't cooperative and stands in your way, affecting your productivity. That's why we created Smartsite. Smartsite aims to improve and tackle all the small daily stresses that take up your time, and we have one of the most innovative teams in the industry here to make sure your day is managed as smoothly as possible. Here you will find the founder and the core team who has passionately designed, implemented and brought to you Smartsite.

The Team

  • Mirko D'Arpino

    Mirko D'Arpino


    Company director, founder and Business developer. Mirko has a 15 year+ background as a programme manager and business analyst.

  • Matteo Formica

    Matteo Formica


    Co-founder, Cloud Solution Architect with 15 years experience as software engineer. Integration specialist, cloud enthusiast and AWS fanboy.

  • Pierpaolo Lo Voi

    Pierpaolo Lo Voi


    Customer Advocate, Digital product expert and business partner. Pierpaolo has got over 15 years of experience in the digital ecosystem.

  • Danilo Carrabino

    Danilo Carrabino

    Lead Eng.

    Expert in advanced development methodologies, tools and processes contributing to the design and rollout of cutting-edge software applications.

  • Emanuele Ciriachi

    Emanuele Ciriachi

    Full Stack Eng.

    Full Stack Developer with prominent Front End Experience, CMS expert and Sitecore Certified Programmer, VR and Technology Enthusiast.