How to start playing an instrument: A step by step guide

If you are curious about playing a musical instrument but don't know where to start, this guide may help you.

How to start playing an instrument: A step by step guide

Have you always wondered how people can play music? Has it always been your dream?

Have you always admired those long-haired who fidget on a stage with an electric guitar whilst crowds go crazy for them? Or perhaps you are more into Jazz, country or classical music?

Do you think that not having learned to play the piano before learning to walk, you can no longer play an instrument?

Relax and read on, and you will see that your dream can come true!

Although being a musician might be a relatively expensive hobby, production technology has made it possible to find the right affordable instruments on the market today, allowing you to get started without busting the bank and frustration-free.

Choose an instrument

How to start playing an instrument: A step by step guide

As for the choice of instrument, it's a common opinion amongst musicians that it is not the musician who chooses their musical instrument, but vice versa. As much as one musical instrument can be fascinating than another (how cool is it to beat with chopsticks on a battery making the walls tremble?), sooner or later if the instrument is not for you, you will certainly notice it.

It may be daunting to enter a music store and be overwhelmed by dozens of instrument and not being confident about. Instead of going all alone, you may well bring a more expert friend along, your music teacher or, alternatively, ask one of the lovely shop staff to help you out.

Choose a teacher

How to start playing an instrument: A step by step guide

An integral part of learning music is to find the right teacher that can inspire you in your music journey.

Traditionally, people went to music schools or looked for private tuition.

In this day and age, it is effortless to also find educational material on the Internet: books, video tutorials, online classes and forums on which to ask for information and exchange knowledge, distance lessons with professionals who live on other planets, used instrument markets. In short, on the internet, there is as much content about music than about any different popular topic!

Old School vs. ultimate tech

How to start playing an instrument: A step by step guide

Something you want to bear in mind is logistics: if you live in a block of flats, a noisy acoustic instrument such as a drum kit might make you very unpopular among your neighbours.

Technology, however, helps us since there are electronic versions of many instruments on the market allowing us to practice on headphones without disturbing your neighbours watching TV.

Music interfaces, software plugins are better than ever before, affordable and can inspire more people to learn, compose and play music.


So, start by going around the net and try to listen to the different possibilities offered by music, hear the voice that every instrument has and imagine yourself "talking with that voice".

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